1. Espicebazaar.com is a web portal to facilitate traceability of spice farms & farmers besides facilitating cashless transactions.
  2. The sell offers from the farmers and buy offers from buyers are independent of any third party. And hence the seller & buyer can freely interact for conclusion of deals.
  3. Spices Board, India and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity) are not responsible for finalization of any commercial deals of for any of the deals in this portal.
  4. Assement of quality, fixing of price, financial transactions, packing and transport are to be decided in agreement between the buyers and sellers.
  5. The Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) listed in the portal are to facilitate transactions on behalf of the farmer to ensure hassle free transaction.
  6. The SPICES BOARD and DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS (DietY) are only responsible for managing the web portal and any financial deals taking place through this web portal are not binding on them.