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Nilagiri Foundation is a nonprofit social service and rural development organization working in Andhra Pradesh and Northern Telangana. It aims at strengthening of Natural Resource Management, Organic Farming, Promotion of Integrated Watershed, Bio manures and herbal extractions. Nilagiri Foundation was established during the year 1987. It is operating Research and Development projects in agriculture, vermi compost, bio manures in collaboration with State Government organizations, like State Horticulture Mission (SHM), Tribal Welfare Corporation (TRICOR) and Central Government agencies such as NABARD, Spices Board, KVIC, CAPART and international agencies like IDH. It is promoting sustainable agriculture and other development initiatives.

Profile of Mangaladhri Agri Producer company Limited:

Guntur district is one of the major producers of turmeric in Andhra Pradesh and hosts the largest turmeric market at Duggirala. Turmeric is cultivated in Guntur district in 5000 ha with a production of 25000 MT at a productivity of 5 MT per hectare. Though the productivity is reasonable, there is considerable scope to improve productivity which has stagnated in the last decade. Also, there is a need to intervene in marketing of turmeric to improve net margins of farmers. In this context, Nilagiri Foundation (POPI) have identified potential pockets in the district to form a Producer Company and have approached NABARD for assistance.

  • To inculcate business orientation and promote corporate movement among farmers through cooperative mode to withstand global competitiveness in farming activities through collective action.
  • To assist farmers in reducing costs through rationalized use of inputs and labour.
  • To ensure timely availability of quality agro-inputs at competitive rates through collective procurement.
  • To assist farmers to realize higher price for their produce through aggregation and sale at right time.
  • To undertake basic value addition of crop produce conforming to global standards.
  • To strengthen farmers abilities to move forward by using locally available natural resources
  • To achieve complete financial independence among rural small and marginal farmers through effective exploitation of market trends.
  • To supply of high curcumin, suitable high yielding variety of turmeric seeds (IISR released verities)
  • To provided support services of Post harvesting
  • To create more storage felicity to Producers members / groups

Commodities: TURMERIC

Infrastructure: Company office, computers and other infrastructure

Name: V.Gowtham Reddy, CEO

TIN No : 37130394309