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Nilagiri Foundation is a nonprofit social service and rural development organization working in Andhra Pradesh and Northern Telangana. It aims at strengthening of Natural Resource Management, Organic Farming, Promotion of Integrated Watershed, Bio manures and herbal extractions. Nilagiri Foundation was established during the year 1987. It is operating Research and Development projects in agriculture, vermi compost, bio manures in collaboration with State Government organizations, like State Horticulture Mission (SHM), Tribal Welfare Corporation (TRICOR) and Central Government agencies such as NABARD, Spices Board, KVIC, CAPART and international agencies like IDH. It is promoting sustainable agriculture and other development initiatives.

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SEHAMITHA Producer Company was started in Atmakuru, Guntur District under the name of SEHAMITHA PRODUCERS COMPANY LIMITED. It facilitates technological and marketing aspects in two Clusters viz., (i) Atchampeta cluster comprising Atchampeta and Bellamkonda Mandals and (ii) Atmakuru cluster encompassing Mangalagiri, Tadepalli, Duggirala, Kollipara Mandals. Twenty one Commodity Producer Groups (CPGs) have been identified as Members in Sehamitha Producer Company, each group containing 20 members. The major crops identified are Cotton, Chilli, Fruits, Vegetables, Turmeric, rice , Maize, Pulses, Vegetables. Twenty one villages of both the clusters form the core business group (CBG) for the Common Facility Centre (CFC) that plays pivotal role in SEHAMITHA business plans. SEHAMITHA Producer Company is formed initially with 1000 active members having average land holding of 2 acres each thus engrossing different agriculture and value added products from a cultivated of 2000 acres.

SEHAMITHA PC was started by joining the TDF and Watershed farmers, and farmers of other districts who are growing fruits and vegetables organically. Better market facilities will be created to the member producers. Online marketing facility will be created.

COMPANY aims supply to facilitate (i) input supply to the members, (ii) technology support to farmers in implementing innovative methods, (iii) primary processing of agriculture produce grading. Sorting and packing (iv) channelizing collective marketing of over agriculture produce (v) establishing SEHAMITHA brand outlets for promoting organic and residue free produce and (vi) establishing agri service centres.

Commodities : Multi commodities : Chilli, turmeric, Cotton, pulses, fruits, vegetables and other all commodities.

Infrastructure :Company office, computers and other infrastructure

Name: A. Raghurami Reddy

TIN No : 37688588662

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