e-Spice Bazaar

  • Information Technology Enabled farm portal
  • Android apps to service stake holders
  • Information on palms
  • Farmer and Buyer face to face
  • Discovering each other in market place
  • National and global reach for the farmer
  • Farm level access for the buyer
  • Bringing in culture of professionalism in farms

Farmer visible in Supply Chain

  • Visibility of farmer and field
  • Transparency in his operations
  • Tagged with a Global Location Number
  • Accessible at all times
  • Farmer serviced with expertise
  • Farmer advised at all points
  • Do’s and Don’ts made known
  • Education and training
  • Preventing errors in farm practices
  • Alert Services – mobile (sms, voice sms, whatsapp)
  • Information on Schemes
  • Surveillance based Plant protection
  • Weather information, latest price information
  • Meetings / Interactions
  • Tutorials and Videos to educat
  • Showcasing good farms and farmers
  • Best Post Harvest measures
  • Harvest details and quantities put for sale
  • Farmer quoting prices
  • Best price for the best product
  • Role for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)
  • FPOs supporting farmers in marketing
  • QR codes for every consignment from farms
  • Traceability of the farm and farmer

Buyer getting close to farms

  • Product at competitive price through direct purchase
  • Availability of quality product
  • Provision to quote the quantity requirements
  • Assured supply of products
  • Help to plan the future purchases
  • Benefits of virtual aggregation
  • Better acceptance of quality product by the importers
  • Traceability provision for the product

Unique Feature

  • Farm to form Traceability
  • Track and Trace
  • Global Farm Identification(GLN) to each farm for traceability
  • Linking with other global farm registries through adoption of unique farm id( GLN)
  • Managed harvesting schedule for bulk offer.
  • Advertising stocks for sale over web portal.
  • Collective bargaining and competitive prices.
  • surveillance, quality testing and reports.

The four pillars of this portal

  • Information Services
  • Traceability Services
  • E commerce Services Bulk purchase through payment gateway in the electronic platform ( to be enabled)
  • Extension Services